Areas of Concern

  • Help create better conditions to enable the vulnerable communities in both rural and urban areas improve their standard of living through capacity building toward developmental programs.
  • Awaken and involve individuals and communities in building their socio-economic development.
  • Promote participatory approach to deal with challenges facing the pastoral communities.
  • Establishing an environment that contributes to human development.
    Promoting Gender fairness issues.
  • Encourage the ideals of peace, democracy and human rights among the communities.
  • Encouraging environmental protection and regeneration in collaboration with Community Forest Association (a local Community Based Association).
  • Help find solutions for the disadvantaged women, children and disabled people in society as a whole.
  • Food security and development of production sector to diversify and support alternative sources of livelihoods through income generating activities.
  • Capacity building among community institutions that are important for public administration and service delivery.
  • Improvement of educational standards through increased access, retention and promotion through paying of school fees for orphans and most vulnerable children in schools.
  • Promote community access to clean water through proper management of water resource use.
  • Literacy and skills development for women and other marginalized groups including girls and minority groups in the community (Tailoring, computer lesson)
  • Mainstream all NEPED programs with HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and harmful practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
Teachers training on CVE